Mindsurfers Services

Mindsurfers offers two programs.  The LEGO Mindstorms Center is a workshop format and the Extended Robotics Experience is a longer program for weekly after school participation.

LMC: LEGO Mindstorms Center

The LMC program is a 50 minute workshop in which students work in pairs to accomplish a mission presented to them in a user-friendly software program.  Each pair of students has their own Dr. Heartbeat robot to program using their own laptop computer.  The program is designed to facilitate self-learning and team work while a trained adult facilitator ensures that all participants are engaged and progress toward a successful mission.

Up to 12 pairs of students can participate in a workshop together, and these teams converge upon the mission table to share their innovative solutions and ideas with each other.  This setup is appropriate for a classroom, after school program, museum exhibits and more.

You can download a fact sheet about the LMC program here.

ERE: Extended Robotics Experience     

The ERE program is up to 30 hours of engaging robotics fun for small groups of youth in an after school setting.  The ERE is designed to walk students through a series of activities that build upon basic robotics concepts and allow students the opportunity to explore and develop STEM skills.

The ERE can be easily implemented with four to twenty-four participants of similar age.  The program is designed to give the participants the chance to guide their own self-learning experience while putting STEM concepts learned in the classroom into action.  There are a variety of topics available and the group facilitator (either your staff trained by Mindsurfers or our own trained facilitator) can choose the activities that best match the time restraints and the interests of the participants.

You can download a PDF of our fact sheet about the ERE program here.

Staffing and Equipment

The LMC and ERE programs can be implemented by our trained facilitators at your location, or your own staff can be trained as well.  All the equipment from computers and software to the playing table and robots are provided.  For more information about all our program offerings and outcomes, please call or email with your questions.