About Us

Mindsurfers promotes the values of innovation, teamwork and problem solving through educational robotics programs designed for youth of all ages. Our mission is to is to build children’s confidence and skills in science, technology, math and engineering.

We currently offer two types of robotics programs that provide youth with otherwise inaccessible opportunities to learn how to work with robots and solve real life problems. You can read about our Extended Robotics Experience (ERE) and LEGO Mindstorms Center (LMC) programs here. Our programs are based on years of research and development by LEGO and other experts in educational robotics.

Mindsurfers works with foundations and corporations to offer these programs at little to no cost to schools, museums, community organizations, and other institutions. Our business model allows us to provide turn-key programs that include everything from trained staff to computers to personalized interactive web-based follow up programs.

We are committed to implementing these program for youth because we believe that American students need to have hands-on technology experience in order to become successful members of the global community. Every career, even those not directly focused on technology, demands an understanding of a variety of equipment and the ability to solve problems. By combining STEM education concepts into fun, interactive programs we give students the valuable opportunity to participate in activities that are designed to boost their confidence in their own abilities. Whether a child wants to be a nurse or an engineer or a teacher or a business-person they will need the skills our programs provide:

  1. Develop their analytical capacity to solve problems
  2. Prepare them to use scientific information to make decisions
  3. Give them the confidence to approach new technologies
  4. Show them how to set and meet goals outside of their daily classroom routine

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The impact felt by programs such as these extend beyond the immediate learning experience for the young people. They will bring their experience to their classrooms, their homes, and the future endeavors. The impact is both a lasting and valuable one for any youth, no matter how naturally talented or not they are in the area of technology.

Mindsurfers's impact starts with the student and enhances your community through schools and families.

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